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"I saw myself through my daughter’s eyes in that moment and I knew I had to be the very best “me”, the best mommy, for this precious baby girl, because she deserved nothing less!" ~AC

The Riddle That Is My Family

What has 6 people- 1 dad, 1 adoptive stepdad, 1 adoptive mom, 1 stepmom, 2 daughters, 2 sons, 2 half-sisters, 2 half-brothers, and 2 stepsons? Yep, that’s my wonderful, loving, crazy family, and these are the stories of our life. I am mom (through adoption) to a beautiful 14-year old girl who has been mine since birth. I divorced her first adoptive father when she was three, and married my husband, her adoptive dad, when she was six. In marrying my amazing husband, I gained two stepsons, who are nine and six; and he gained a beautiful stepdaughter whom he has decided to make forever his girl. Then had a baby girl together. So our family of six has many twists and turns, but the important part is we’re a family.

Life is not always easy, especially for this perfectionist mom who is so afraid of failing my family or myself; but I strive to do my best and accept that it is good enough. We are a family with OCD, gifted kids, sci-fi geeks, perfectionism, sarcasm, a creative big dreamer, a problem solver, a shy one (or two), and one who is everyone’s friend. Blending our families has had it’s challenges, but our love for each other gives us the strength to work through the rough patches and celebrate the light at the end of each tunnel. And there is always a light, because at the end of each day we have each other, we have love, we are a family.

My family dynamic, and the role it plays in fulfilling the promises I made to God if he gave me a child, and to my baby before I even met her, has given me considerable inspiration for writing. I never dreamed my life would take this zigzag path that has brought me to where I am today; but somehow I know it’s exactly where I’m supposed to be!





"If you don't take time to be patient, you get to clean up poo". ~Tater