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"Life can be tough, but please have higher expectations of me than just being, than just getting by. Because I know I deserve better, my family deserves better, and I can do more!" ~AC

Andrea Ceely is a writer and editor of business articles and documents, web site copy, social media content and blogs, press releases, and marketing tag lines and brochures. She is also in the process of writing a children's book about adoption, and an adult non-fiction book as well.

Andrea's background in retail and business management give her an edge in writing because she has learned from hands on experience just what consumers are looking for, and how the message needs to be delivered to have the greatest impact. She loves management, but always dreamed of being a writer. So to utilize both skills to enable others to grow their business and realize their own dreams brings a joy and energy that shines through in every project she takes on. She takes pride in listening intently to her client and conveying their business culture and intentions through her words.


One of Andrea's strengths is adapting her writing style to her client's manner of speaking so that every piece written for that client ensures their credibility to their target audience. She believes that writing is not only a skill, but also a passion and an art form. Most recently, she has used her passion to create website content for a local known weight and wellness physician, who then contracted her to write brochures and marketing materials, commercials and television spots, newsletters, social media updates, articles, and program materials for a new program he was designing. She has also written content for many other types of businesses and professionals to include medical, diet and nutrition, sports, IT, and personal biographies and stories.

The books Andrea is writing are to convey her personal experiences with adoption, and to highlight her beautiful story so that others may share in the emotional journey that is adoption. While this adventure took place and was finalized more than 14 years ago, it is an ongoing story as she is raising her special miracle child. Writing these books has brought to the forefront of her mind so much of the emotion and feeling from back then, and she is so grateful to have this opportunity to revisit all those ups and downs, and to put them in writing to always serve as a reminder of the joy that is the adoption of her little girl.