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A Thousand Words Paint a Beautiful Picture

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is a well-known quote used when a visual picture is what we are given, and we are left to interpret that picture and come up with our own mental description. As a writer, I think a thousand words can paint an amazing picture! I’d much rather use the descriptive words to show you scenes, characters, thoughts, and emotions.

Non-fiction writing requires the author know enough about their subject to speak as an expert, and to convey a message that is intriguing and captivating. In writing for business (blogs, web site copy, etc.) it is of utmost importance that I, as the writer, take on the attitude that it is my business I am writing for. I must learn about the company and the business culture that I am portraying, so that I have a thorough understanding of the message to be sent.



In writing fiction, I must introduce you to a character and make you feel that you are right there in the scene with them. All of your senses are used, and your heart is opened up to the feel the story. Success as a writer can be equated to success as an actor. The audience must see only the character, not the actor playing a role. While an author is charged with the same task of captivating the audience and being believable, it is through words alone instead of through words, body language, and visual scenery.






Writing is not a skill, but a passion. Of course we are taught writing and basic grammar from a very young age, and we can all create sentences and paragraphs. The writing I am referring to is an art form, where a picture or scene, a heartfelt story, or a personality or culture is expressed and portrayed through an author’s creative blending of words. Of course everyone can write, but not everyone is a writer.