Pedicures…a Treat, a Luxury, a Necessity

I love getting pedicures as much as the next girl, though I rarely treat myself to such a delightful, small luxury. I don’t know why that is, other than my umm..frugalness. Or perhaps it’s my lack of willingness to pamper myself. Do I think I don’t deserve it? I don’t know. But that’s a whole other psycho analyzing post. This post is about why I will be pampering myself with this magnificent little treasure soon.

At 32 weeks pregnant my “bump” is feeling a little more like a mountain. A beautiful mountain that I am so in love with, but a mountain none the less. Thus my comment on pedicures. See, I now have a renewed appreciation for the ability to pamper my own little tootsies whenever I like. Of course I’d been told I wouldn’t be able to bend and reach my own feet, but still it just feels a little strange to me. I used to just put my foot up on the counter, rub my lotion on, and paint my toes. No big deal! Now it’s so difficult just to put on pants, or socks, or to do anything that requires bending at the waist, let alone painting my toes! So in the spirit of feeling good about myself in a time I hardly recognize my own body I will get a pedicure soon! My baby shower is this weekend and I believe it’s important to feel pretty; and for me part of feeling pretty is pretty toes (keep in mind, in Florida, it’s warm, and I will be wearing open toes shoes!). A pedicure, a wonderful party surrounded by amazing friends and family, and a new outfit for the occasion will make for one joyful and confident pregnant girl!


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