Eight Years Ago I Was Shopping!

Eight years ago today I was doing some shopping. A lot of shopping. Major shopping! I was shopping for, yep, you guessedDSCF2382 it, baby stuff! Eight years ago yesterday I received the call that changed my life, my world, and who I was and would become. I got the call telling me I was going to be a mommy! And soon! Little did I know just how soon, but I knew I’d better start preparing.

Of course I had been “preparing” for a long time, sort of. I was hoping and dreaming about becoming a mom, and I started letting myself believe just a little that it might really happen, and so I bought a few soft blankets and some sweet little onesies and I called myself prepared. I refused to open up my heart to the possibility of even more hurt and disappointment after so many years of pain, so I didn’t really buy everything one might need for a newborn, even though I knew when we signed on with our adoption agency that there was a very real, very great chance that motherhood was in my near future. Sure, there was a bedroom, and there were dreams, but there was no car seat, stroller, diapers, or baby furniture. Because buying those things would really expose my dreams to the world. Harder yet, buying those things would open up my heart and soul to possible devastation yet again, and I just couldn’t face that.

But when that call came making my dreams of motherhood a reality, I lost all control of my emotion. I was so thrilled, and I wanted this so much that I gave all of myself to the dream. And so I shopped. I spent that weekend eight short years ago shopping for baby necessities. I picked out just the perfect things for my perfect little girl- a pink and gray travel system, colorful butterfly and flower bedding and room decorations, cold weather necessities for a couple weeks in Kentucky, and just baby stuff. It was fun and thrilling and scary and beautiful all at the same time.  It’s funny how I can remember those moments like they were yesterday. I look at my sweet, beautiful crazy little seven almost eight year old and I marvel at God’s grace and His blessings in my life. Simply amazing!




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