All Kinds of Mom

10489732_670122786391119_946190246818884029_nYes, it’s official. I have changed my name. I found something that just suited me better, so I’m going with that. I know, I know, it’s been a while since I’ve written, and obviously a lot has happened! My name change is a reflection of a little of that. I’m not changing my personal, legal name of course. That name is who I was always meant to be. No, it’s my blog name that has changed! Andrea Ceely- Writer was just sort of a description, a word, but not really me.                                                                                   So now I’ve become All Kinds of Mom. Much better!  After all, that really describes me to a tee!

My first mom role came about 81/2 years ago with the birth/adoption of my baby girl.                                                             I became (technically speaking) an pic3“adoptive mom”, though really I’m just mom. With the adoptive mom title also came “stay at home mom”, a role which I embraced, enjoyed, and cherished! About a year later my role switched to “part-time working mom” as my marriage was becoming even more shaky and finances became strained. Then another year plus a few months later I became a full-time working mom. The marriage was mostly over and I was preparing to change roles once again to single working mom. And I did.

My “single working mom” role was challenging, but so rewarding- maybe empowering is the better word choice there. Really I had basically lived as though I was single for the last few years while my ex-husband was busy with his girlfriend and her children, but to have the official title and the independence, and to really be making it on my own was still a big, welcome change. While I wasn’t doing it entirely on my own since I never would have survived without the support of amazing family and friends, I realized I could do it without depending on someone who was so absent, so wrong for me and for my child. So  my single mom role was an eye opening, self-esteem building, learning experience. And then I moved on to another role.

Over the next three years I met the man that God intended just for me,                                                                               became a stay at home mom again, a part timepic15 working mom, a work from home mom, and finally a step mom! In 2012 my mom heart expanded even bigger to make room for two sweet, fun, crazy boys who now call me mom, and who gave me a new mom role I never imagined I’d have, but that I cherish. While this mom role has it’s own challenges, it comes with so many rewards. I’m so blessed!

Over the last almost two years I have again become a stay at home, PTA, cheer, soccer, kid focused mom and step mom, and I love it! These kids make me crazy, make me laugh, and make my heart burst with love and pride. I couldn’t imagine anything better. Until a few months ago when we found out God is blessing me with yet another mom role. I get to start all over in the mom process. Come January 1st (or whenever he or she decides to make their grand entrance) I’ll be mom to a sweet newborn baby Ceely. My already big mom heart will expand even more to make room for our family’s fourth child, my second child, my first by birth, and my first with my soul mate and love, my amazing husband.

When I stopped to think of all the ways God has blessed me with this amazing mom                                                              role, this tremendous mom love, I IMG_3605realized that I have received His miracles beyond what my mind could have ever imagined. As a kid I always knew I wanted to be a mom. I always felt it was just who I was, who God made me to be. But never in my wildest dreams did I imagine all the ways I would be blessed with that role. And never could I have imagined God’s plan or timing, though I now recognize just how perfect it is. When I struggled to conceive many years ago, I could not have known how beautifully and perfectly adoption would change my life. When I was at my lowest point in life, struggling through a divorce and financial disaster, I had no idea that God would send me a wonderful man and two little boys to bring me a whole new life and love. And now I’m just in awe of God’s grace and mercy as He is growing our family and letting me be a mom yet again with an amazing and miraculous new life to round out our beautiful, crazy family. Thank you God for trusting me to be all kinds of mom to four of your precious angels.


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